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How it Works

Our 3-Step Divorce Process is Quick, Simple and Affordable!

Divorce Online

Step 1: Apply

We have provided an easy-to-use 10 minute online application on our website. This application outlines the required information that is necessary to file for a divorce in your province. When filling out this application, try to put down as much information as possible and you may skip some areas if you can’t remember the information at the moment. Don’t worry, we will contact you once you submit the application in order to follow up with you.

Cheap Divorce

Step 2: Review

Once you submit the application, our staff will then have a chance to review your application and complete all the necessary paperwork that is required to file for a divorce in your province. We offer a money back guarantee of court approval for all documents. Once we have completed all the necessary paperwork, we will send you the documents by email, along with helpful court filing instruction. You can start your case as early as the next day!

Getting a Divorce

Step 3: File

Filing the documents with the court simply means that you will have to make a trip to your local court house in order to file the documents. This process is similar to going to the bank, waiting in line, and speaking to a staff member. Remember, you do not have to appear in front of a judge for your case. In addition, we provide you with detailed instructions to ensure that you can file your documents with ease and confidence.


“Your company helped me obtain my divorce when I couldn’t afford to go to a lawyer.
Thank you for the quick service and helpful information!”

Julia, Ontario

Ontario Divorce Guarantee
Having served over 5000 clients, we are confident that our service is a popular alternative to paying high-priced legal fees. Our Paperwork is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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